Veronika Akopyan was born on February 25, 1999 in Vladikavkaz. She graduated from Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry, Department of Graphic Art. Veronika is a winner of the American Art Awards 2020 (political commentary category), American Art Awards 2021 (digital art category), Grand Prix in the competition for creation of the best illustration for the works of Fazil Iskander, 2021; a special prize from the Japan foundation for creation of the cover for the fairy tale «For the Mittens», 2021; laureate of the «Image of the Book» award, 2021. Veronika is also a participant of the art residence «Youth of Russia», «New Forms» direction, 2021.

2017 – «Breath of History», State Borodino Military Historical Museum-Reserve, Mozhaisk
2017 – «Breath of History», Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry, Moscow
2021 – «Country of the soul», personal exhibition, Fazil Iskander Cultural Center, Moscow
2021 – «Our changing world», D31 Gallery, Doncaster, UK
2021 – «Vogue» Boomer gallery, London, UK
2021 – «The beginning of the path, traditions and innovations in the art of the young», Union of Artists, Moscow
2021 – «Stroganovka. Young Graphic Artists», «Open Club» Gallery, Moscow
2021 – Russian Artists Association: experience//today/tomorrow: New Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
2021 – «I, Vakhtangov, am responsible for the parade», A3 gallery, Moscow, Russia
2022 – «For the Mittens», Nakano Library, Tokyo, Japan
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