Alexandra Asliyan
Alexandra Asliyan
«In my works, I explore the relationship between people and the environment, as well as a person with himself, with his fears.
On the one hand, everyone lives on their own territory. But on the other hand, we are answerable not only to ourselves, but also to our neighbors. And not just to people.

All living beings stay in partnership, but people have broken and destroyed this partnership. Everyone is busy with their own lives and «more global» issues and treats their main and common «home» (and sometimes each other) as simple consumers.

I am trying to exchange people with sea creatures. People study the fish swimming underwater with a mask, but what will happen if fish study us instead? What if the balance of the planet is disrupted not in favor of humanity and something truly global overtakes us all? What if we stop feeling like we are in charge of this planet?
Sometimes it may seem that we are in a vacuum and do not touch anyone, and in this case, no one will touch us. But it is not true. If we forget to turn off a water tap, we will flood not only ourselves, but also our neighbors. Even if it seems to us that we are alone in our apartment quietly doing what we love and indulging in a creatiму process, the sounds of our music can wake up a child in a neighboring apartment.

And also, we are interested in the private lives of others. We look at each other and sometimes discuss the lowdown. Each one brings something to the world. Everyone is different and we are all different, but we are united and interconnected. One house, city, country, planet, world».

Alexandra uses materials and techniques such as: collage, acryl, gouache, printing techniques, mixed media painting technique.