Elizaveta Barsukova is a 24-year-old illustrator from Gomel, Belarus. In 2018 she received an art education in easel painting. Now she teaches drawing classes for children of all ages.

«I have been drawing for all my life, and in different periods I was interested in different directions and styles of drawing. Now I am especially interested in book illustration, as it combines two of my favorite activities since childhood – drawing and reading.

Besides illustrations, I like to draw a simple life familiar to everyone. The sources of inspiration for my work are people and the world around, as well as interesting and cool works of other artists. I love to find beauty and uniqueness in simple things and everyday life, and now this is a frequent theme in my drawings. I love sketching, going to plein-air and drawing outside in order to capture the beauty of a moment or catch an interesting thing in a short time. In my works I use rich colors, various textures and characteristic funny images.

I prefer to work with traditional materials on paper, more often in mixed media painting technique. Recently I prefer acryl, gouache and colored pencils. Also I am very attracted to the technique of collage, stencil and various other experiments, because experimenting for me means developing».