Daria Far
Daria Far (Daria Fartushnyak) is an artist and illustrator from Moscow who created a series of works for Adidas about sports spirit, friendship, support and the importance of going with your own gut. Using the dynamics of large forms, bright colors, counterform and naive view of the world, the artist strives to create works that evoke joy through her playful style.

The list of Daria’s clients includes Adidas, Forbes, Mercedes, Nike, McKinsey & company, Yandex Market, Yandex Lavka, Gorky park, S7 Airlines, Cofix, Skvot. io, Avito, Blueprint, Manege Museum, Moscow City Tourism Committee, VC. ru, Arch(e)type buro, Pixies studio, Varenye, Tsvetnoy, Pompeya, GeekBrains, Trend Island, Resume. io, Sdelano, Yaroslaviya.

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