Garipova GUZEL
Guzel Garipova – illustrator, designer, art editor of the «Yulbasma» publishing house.

Guzel's portfolio includes murals as part of the «Tales of Golden Apples» project in Almetyevsk, a series of illustrations for the collection of fairy tales by Abdulla Alish, illustrations for the fairy tale «Ai kyzy Zohre» (Girl from the Moon – tatar) by Yoldyz Minnullina, a series of works for the book «Quranic Stories for Children», a graphic series of works based on the books of Kayum Nasyri, the book of the «Yulbasma» publishing house.

«I like to compose illustrations from different paper textures. I find simple and familiar plots, objects, details and characters in them. Choosing randomly helps me find amazing combinations of scraps of old works and put them into new illustrations».

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