Makhno OLYA
Olya Makhno was born in the autumn of 1987 in Ukraine, currently a student of two programs – «Modern Art» and «Illustration» (Moscow), working on a scientific thesis on transmedia translation, regular contributor to literary journals, lecturer at the First Moscow State Medical University named after Sechenov. Studied painting, performance, and video art from different masters.
In her work Olya uses hybrids of mediums to create the most voluminous statement.

Mediums: installations, video art, objet Trouvé, photography, painting, graphics, collage, plaster.

«It is important for me to use performative practice, my own physicality, in order to act as a kind of conductor between the idea realized by the object and the one who looks at i.

The main theme is the space of timelessness. The ability to observe yourself, people, events and things and contemplate without haste and pain (as you are outside). Personal and mental memory, mythology, trauma, relationships, the fragility of the world and human, fears, dreams and expectations – it is important for me to carefully select words and mediums in order to be correctly understood».

2010 – Interschool («Screenwriting»)
2020-2022 – Moscow School Of Contemporary Art («Modern Art»)
2020-2023 – British Higher School Of Art & Design («Illustration»)

Postgraduate student in the specialty «Linguistics and Literary Studies» (2019), Master in the specialties «Russian Literature» (2018), «Television Journalism» (2009).

The publication (story and illustrations) was prepared for the «Takie Dela» portal in 2022. To find out more about the story:

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