Makovskaya VITANA
«Like many, I had a childhood which greatly influenced my creativity. I was born in the city of snow, taiga and mysticism. All walks and adventures were in nature: in the forest or by the river. I spent the long polar nights reading and drawing.

In 2014 I left for St. Petersburg, and in 2015 I entered the Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design (book artist programme). Far from home, my creativity filleв with more and more fantastic places, heroes-travelers, nature, mysticism. Creativity provides an excellent opportunity to portray what does not exist on this planet, to show the world that is only in your head. That is what my work about».

Vitana was included in the long list with the author's project «Magic Forest Inhabitants» (2020-2021). The illustrations depict different inhabitants of the magical forest. They all have their own interests, characters and role, which was conveyed in the illustrations.

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