OLESHKO Anastasia
Anastasia Oleshko finished the 3rd year of the Institute of Business and Design in Moscow (Illustration in Design program). Prefers manual techniques.

«I hope to become a comics author and artist in the future and significantly contribute to Russian comics».

2020 Exhibition «Offset» in the «On Kashirka» gallery;
2020 Longlist of comics festivals «Commission»;
2021 Participation in an apartment art show in the «On Kashirka» gallery
2021 Decoration of the «Knowledge Corner» at the Non-fiction book fair
2021 «DoDo» exhibition in the «On Kashirka» gallery
2022 Painting of murals at the «DOM» festival of neighborliness on Tove Jansson Square.

The artist’s book «Mouse little coward». The story was created and made in March 2022, printed with one wood block, then cut and folded. Linocut, 7.5x7.5 cm.

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