Orlova Daria
«My name is Daria Orlova. I am a theater costume designer. I graduated from the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS), department of scenography.

Before I took illustration seriously, I tried various forms of art work: setting and costume design for theatrical productions, costume design for commercials and films, character concept art for the gaming industry, and teaching composition at theater and art college for two years.

My works cover a wide range of techniques, from classical painting and graphics to fine plastic arts and decorative and applied arts.

At the moment, my main activity is the creation of illustrations for media resources and media projects. Having worked with various traditional painting and graphic techniques, I have now completely switched to digital art and create all my work through computer graphics, sometimes combining «man-made» textures and elements with digital processing.

During the training, much attention was paid to the history of fashion and costume, textiles, ornaments and everyday life, which excited my interest in material culture. I am very interested in depicting people in everyday situations, in the «world of things», both in everyday conditions and in fictional ones.
In my work, I try not to use only one verified technique and style, but to vary it depending on the task».

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