Salnikova Victoria
Victoria Salnikova – lives in Moscow, took classes in illustration at British Higher School of Design and School of Design (Higher School of Economics).

Her works were exhibited at the Moscow Design Biennale (Central House of Artists). Victoria also participated in several collective exhibitions.

Victoria has worked in the field of journalism for over ten years. This perhaps raised her interest in the way to tell the same stories using different «languages». And also how these same stories can exist in different areas: textual, visual, audio and others.

For the competition, Victoria presented a graduation project at the British Higher School of Design «Little sparks».

«Teachers asked us to find something that we would like to work on after the defense. Then I immediately thought of a spaceship floating in starless space, with a growing forest inside. There are swamps and meadows, and children and animals dance on the edge of a forest.

That image grew into the whole story. The exhibition presents graphic sheets from the series. My heroes are centennial children. The unpiloted flight of their spaceships ended up landing on a planet similar to ours, but empty. One spaceship carried grazing animals, the other boarded predators. They met but didn't seem to be friends.

This story is about the ways to overcome disconnection, and also about the fact that, by fighting against the «terrible», you can easily become frightful yourself. In the future, the story will turn into a graphic novel, and it will definitely be interesting for me to work on it».

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