Anastasia Sikilinda – graduated from the Irkutsk Art College with a degree in «Decorative and Applied Arts» and the Krasnoyarsk State Art Institute with a degree in «Design». She taught at the Chelyabinsk Art School. Now she draws illustrations for books for the «Five Quarters» publishing house and authors.

Project description:
Book illustration, size: 17x22 (2022)
Illustrations for the book by Natalia Vishnyakova «Blueberry» («Five Quarters» publishing house). As assigned by the publishing house, the illustrations were made in restrained black and white with a small amount of color.
«In this project, I focused on the details. Small, insignificant things are sometimes remembered better than some important childhood events. The pattern on the grandmother's dressing gown, multi-colored buttons in the jewelry box, the colorful upholstery of the chair, figurines on the dressing table… For some reason all these insignificant little things are very carefully preserved by memory».

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