Strezhneva ANNA
Anna Strezhneva is a graduate of the program of further vocational education «Illustration’ of the Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry» (2022).

According to the first higher education Anna is a lawyer, PhD in law.
In 2017-2018, she studied at the «Space of Graphics» workshop by artists Mikhail Sorkin and Petr Perevezentsev, the course «My Own Book».

During her studies in illustration, Anna developed artistic preferences in the field of printed graphic techniques, as well as a desire to experiment with various «combined» techniques of easel graphics, artist's book, ornament and animation, and a constant search for new means of artistic expression.

A series of illustrations for Denis Osokin's story «Waiting for Olga» (2022)
The purpose of the author in the work was to find an original graphic language to illustrate modern poetic prose for an adult audience.

«The work can serve as an example of the author’s artistic reading of a modern literary text and cross-cutting layout, when the cover, the inner block of the book, the endpapers, illustrative headpieces, endings, strip and centerfold illustrations create a single cycle, imbued with one intonation, one mood, which corresponds to the writer's manner of presenting textual material.

Compositions that «flow» from strip to strip, located on different areas along the layout, form a visual tempo-rhythm in which easel graphics motifs (free shading, artistic strokes) and silhouette drawing are complemented by monochrome background fills», – from a review by Elena Rymshina, art historian, curator of the «Illustrator Program. The DNA of a Book» of the International Fair of Non/Fiction Intellectual Literature.


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