Stukoshina Anastasia
«Hello, my name is Anastasia Stukoshina / STukoshina, I am from Balashikha, I am a 6th year student at the Institute of Graphics and Art of the Book named after V. A. Favorsky. When there is a desire to change something, it is better to start with yourself (I'm not very good at it, I hope others are better). And I want people to empathize more with each other. I also want to create art that will enter into a dialogue with the viewer, even if it is negative».

«Russians in Foreign», Library of Foreign Literature named after M.I. Rudomino
Exhibition of illustrations by young artists «Theatre and book», library-reading room named after I.S. Turgenev
«Destratification 2.0»
«Opencall Exhibition», New Sincerity Gallery
Festival «NIZINA», St. Petersburg, gallery «PROGRAFICA»

Project description:
2022, author's project/artist's book named «Freaks book». A detective story based on the insatiability of a man. The victim falls into the trap of a consumer attitude towards goods.

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