Safonova Tanya
Tanya Safonova is an interdisciplinary artist and illustrator. Collaborates with such customers as «The Village», «Takie Dela», «Mediazona»*, GQ, etc.

Tanya participated in exhibitions held at the ZIL Cultural Center (Moscow), the Gulag History Museum (Moscow), in the special project of the 6th Ural Industrial Biennale, the 4 block triennial (Kharkov), the Golden Bee of Graphic Design (Moscow), the poster biennale in Ecuador, etc.

Art projects are related to the theme of childhood, the study of the nature of memory and symbols. She works with archives, diaries, and memoirs.

«Works are a labyrinth where you can meet a puzzle, a riddle or a routine behind a corner, or just a grandmother’s carpet that may contain a secret».

*included in the register of media-foreign agents

Tanya entered the long list with illustrations for the Russian-language literary illustrated magazine «Russian Pioneer», 2021-2022.

Contacts: – social network forbidden in Russia
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