Tsepilova Galina
Galya Tsepilova is an artist.

She graduated from the Higher School of Printing and Media Industry (former «Polygraph», Moscow State University of Printing Arts). Prefers textured materials and a limited color palette. When creating illustrations, the main task is not to literally display the content, but to convey the sensations and atmosphere of the accompanying text, event, phenomenon.

2018 – «Exhibition of book illustration» Russian State Children's Library, Moscow
2018 – Exhibition-fair «Book is the path to cooperation and progress», Ashgabat
2019 – «Theatre and book» library named after I. S. Turgenev, Moscow
2019 – Festival of book graphics «BookILL fest», Novi-Sad
2021 – Opencall Exhibition, Gallery New Sincerity, Moscow
2021 – «Russians in Foreign», Library of Foreign Literature named after M.I. Rudomino
2021 – Youth exhibition of Moscow Regional Union of Artists, Moscow
2021 – 22nd International Book Fair, Beijing
2021 – Exhibition «Do-Do» gallery on Kashirka, Moscow
2022 – «NIZINA» Festival, «PROGRAPHICA» Gallery, St. Petersburg